I’m of the belief that critics judge Adam Sandler way too harshly. I believe that critique needs to have a context and, if we’re talking Sandler, he surely can’t be judged on the same scale as any contemporary mavericks. Billy Madison, Big Daddy and even Grown Ups, for instance, were enjoyable films to me that were fun and had a tolerable enough of a “moral to the story” to be considered decent, albeit disposable, family movies in Sandler’s repertoire. There are also other movies of his that I’ve enjoyed and not thought to be a total waste of my time but I most definitely cannot say the same for this one. From the very beginning, every bit of this story is spelled out for you through particularly awful dialogue and it doesn’t let up by the end. The plot painstakingly peeks through only when the endless barrage of shamelessly vile scenes decides to take the backseat for a moment so we can pedantically be caught up as to why this is all happening. Possibly what was most disappointing was the total blatant misogyny that was the undertone for much of the film.

“She’s mourning, for Christ’s sake…”
“Yeah, then she needs a nice dick to cry on”

I’m not one to be bothered by vulgar and irreverent jokes if they have some taste or are met with some form of repercussion for comedic effect, but neither is ever the case. I can safely say that I spent more than half the film in pure discomfort and contempt at the different things being said and shown on screen for absolutely no reason – in glorification, no less. Like most of the worse Sandler films, there’s no real point looking into the lack of logic behind any character’s decisions or motivations so I won’t touch that. To conclude what was a longer rant that anticipated, Adam Sandler & Co. have successfully left the worst taste in my mouth possible and leave me hesitant to check out anything that comes from them again.

My 5-star rating and more at my “letterboxd”


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